November 4, 2020

Pathways to Trust: B2B Marketing & Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

Joshua Reynolds

Before COVID-19 upended all facets of life and business, it was clear that the B2B tech world was working its way through a crisis of trust. In September 2019, Rob Roy surveyed 500 U.S. B2B tech buyers to see what was driving their purchase decisions. And the response was clear: 86% of B2B tech buyers assumed tech vendors were being dishonest, and were looking for evidence and advocates to prove otherwise.

And then a virus turned our world upside down.

So we commissioned a second study in September 2020 to see how the dynamics of trust have shifted in a post-pandemic world. We increased our sample size to 625, asked some of the same questions, and added a few new ones into the mix. And we learned a thing or two:

The full study will be available within a few weeks, but we figured you wouldn’t want to wait that long. So to learn more now, download our executive summary.

And if you’re interested in a private consultation where we dig a little deeper into the numbers and how they impact your marketing and communications plan, reach out to us at

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